And why do we do what we do? Sometimes the actions we take or better still the choices we make does not make sense at all. It is incomprehensible to my understanding that people namely the terrorists do evil things. They cover their faces in cowardice. They hide behind a mask and mock their own ego. They are not even walking shadows of themselves nor the human race. They stand behind the curtain of fear and slavery to their own beliefs of being fearless and brave. They take their own lives and the innocent  in the name of “Allah” and fight for a war, not for peace according to the teaching, but of vengeance, jealousy, envy of the western world and the promises of 9 virgins waiting for them in kingdom come.

The word “terror” personify their own self. They are terrorize by their own shortcomings and ignorance of the fact that they don’t have the freedom to be what they can be but are molded and trained to conform to a teaching by an imbecile individual who wants to fulfil his own desire of world domination. Since they cannot think for themselves, somebody has to do it for them…and so they follow and obey in order that they can feel good about themselves regardless of the consequences. Their minds are so polluted with hatred that the basic common sense they are born with; dissipates into nothingness and replaced with  sadistic and evil ambition of one man.  They are so programned and control by an imbicile that they cannot see  pass the tip of their nose nor feel any courage whatsoever in trying to think for themselves that what they are doing will result in their own destruction.

How tragic it is that humans would stoop this low as to lose their own identity. And why?