We have one country, one constitution and one future that is binding. It will only come together if we work together… as the name signify …United 


               “United we stand, divided we fall”

There are those who would just love to see America destroyed. The tragedy is that among the good citizen emerge those who are consumed with hatred for their own country and the sitting President. The result is that the country is weakened by the few who do not think further than their noses. The consequences of belittling your own country and its President are tremendous. It invites evil and unsavory deeds among the people. The nincompoops speak bad and  tell terrible lies and I am wondering whether they should be living here at all. They should rightfully live in the country that they promote and support.  The impact that their belittling provide, will be a loophole and an invitation for terrorists to act. Instead of using the ”passion of hatred” for the good of their own country and the people, the nincompoops are in bed with other imbeciles, morons and idiots, promoting their hatred and trying desperately to look intelligent or could it be just in desperation to be in the news? They are  a reflection of their own prejudices!!!

There is of course a difference between hating your own President because you don’t like him/her and when a President make use of the people who voted for him/her for his own benefit and not for the country. If you do not understand right from wrong, don’t know the consequences, therefore you can be pronounced legally INSANe thus the word nincompoop.