I find this very interesting and cool. It save time reading books over and over again to children.  This will keep them entertain and fascinated too….in a positive way. It is called audiobooks and can be listen to at your leisure…while driving or doing something else. Excellent for relaxation after a long day. The narration is great! What a better way to read a book……..leisurely, try it out.

There is a huge selection to chose from, depending on your particular interest. I usually like the meditation ones after a long stressful day..


1000 Years of Laughter  

David Timson
This delightful anthology presents some of the funniest extracts in English literature          

Meditation – New Releases

Healing Mind System Complete

 Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
The Healing Mind System Complete works by blending inaudible pulses of sound that mirror the brainwave pattern of the HEALING MIND STATE into a soothing musical soundtrack. $11.98