I  think we have to own the fears that we have of each other. We will have to find some practical solutions to figure out how to see people differently instead of on the basis of how we were brought up to believe.I find humans to be quite fickle and easily swayed by people and their surroundings. The terrorist can be so passionate to follow the orders of one man or a belief to be able to carry out suicide bombings without any concern about their own lives and others. It is the same with some teenagers today; they do things way off their limits, probably looking for an identity or something to identify with. They play god by going in front of trains, bashing their own body onto fences, beating each other up and then putting it up in U Tube, they do head bashing etc etc… the list goes on.I wonder whether the earth is turning into a level where the human thinking capacity requires it be triggered by another or some form of actions. Senseless killing e.g. like a young boy robbing a man at an ATM and then shooting him for $60.00. Everyday something nasty happens that doesn’t make sense at all. What is this world coming to?