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                               The Presidential Candidates 2008


All these candidates have issues. The only thing they have proven so far are bad mouthing each other. I am not so sure whether they are capable of withstanding the issues of being a President of the “greatest country” on earth. Although, I must say that they have so far withstood the gruelling effects of campaigning and each believe that they are the best person to be President. The best qualified of these candidate is Mitt Romney base on his work background.

         Hilary Clinton is such an intelligent woman and I admire her for her guts. If only she was not always scheming something she would make a good President and furthermore, the first woman President in the White House. She is not likeable too; there is something behind her smile that hides the truth about what she is saying…..

         Barack Obama is eloquent; it has been a long time since America had such a good speaker.  Americans are known for  following /fascinated by  anything new or different, it could be thus that Barack is very popular even though, he is no comparison in experience to Hilary or for that matter the Republican candidates.

         John McCain the forerunner in the Republican Party, a war hero and I salute him for that. His National Security ideas might just catapult him as the nominee…., but I am not sure whether he can withstand the rigor of being the President in this trying time.

         Mitt Romney is an incredible businessman…that said, I think he is trying too hard for his own good. If he doesn’t make negative comments about the other candidates he might win more votes. This does seem like it will divide the  members and weaken the party as a whole. He will make a good President, given his background.

         Huckabee is very likeable and seem to be quite straight forward. Given his limited funding, he has done very well. If he is elected President, he may be able to bring the country together, as will Barack Obama.

Vote wisely……