Mitt Romney 

 Mitt Romney

If there is one great sacrifice a man can give, it is a sacrifice for the good of the country and the Political Party he belongs.After going through a grueling campaign, Mitt Romney, made a decision that is so commendable. It must have been an extremely difficult decision.Mr. Romney is a caliber all on his own. His work background testifies his strength and his qualification into the making of a great President of this great nation. I would be proud to call him Mr. President. Maybe it is not his turn yet, to be that man but should he decide, America will be proud. I think the weakness and key factors that denied him to gain support successfully, during this campaign are:

1.  He is not well known

2.  His religious belief

3.  The negativity that went into his campaign

4.  He tried too hard

5. Most people were sitting on the fence watching where he will take the campaign into, call them undecided… That said, I hope he will run again…..

Thank You Mitt Romney, and family for a very exciting campaign.