The choices we make always causes a rippled effect into our lives. Things happen to us when the reactions of choices we choose create the vast differences between undue sorrows of our past and the joys of our future.

My mind is riddled with questions with no right and wrong answer. There are confusions. The question of should I do this or should I be doing that always delay any actions on my part. What results will I get from both. I am told to be careful what you wish for. This phrase has proven to be true. When you want something bad enough it will come in one form or another. This, then just boils to one thing…….tried and true…POSITIVE THINKING. This is what all the “gurus” preach, I suppose, for people like me.

Sometimes, it is difficult to smile in the midst of a confuse mind or under bad circumstances. You look around you, you smile but then again you cry. Then you make choices and sometimes towards the end, you think “Oh dear, I should have taken the other road,” heheee (lol). In the end, we live with the choices we make and move on, otherwise we will be stuck in a rut that we will never be able to get out of. Such is life.