I really don’t think so. The question as to whether America is ready for a Black Commander in Chief, the answer at this point is NO.

1. America still has embedded racial issues.

2. At the surface, Americans are trying to get along as much as they are permitted by the environment and by law.

3. The slavery era is still fresh on some minds, deeply rooted in some, vengeance are within some hearts and who knows what else lurk in some minds.

4. I think that there are sectors among the Blacks and the Whites who have not come to terms, as yet with living side by side harmoniously and without prejudices against each other.

5. Also, a Black CIC could be a target for assassination more so than a White person.

Those listed above are integral parts and the major cause of frictions, should America have a Black CIC. If anyone has some other ideas why America is not ready for a Black CIC, do tell.

On the other hand:Barack Obama

Looking at Obama , he is an incredible speaker, the likes that come once in  a blue moon . America hungers for eloquence such as his. He may or may not make a good President, but he has what it takes to get the people to come listen to him. There is no substance as yet to his “Change” or “Yes we can”. What “change” is being proclaimed?He may have an agenda of his own as to where the country should go. We will know then, if and when he becomes President!One disturbing factor at this juncture is the comment made by his wife Michele, about being patriotic for the first time in her adult life. It is questionable as to why only now.For now, let’s enjoy following the campaign trail between him and Hillary Clinton