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“It happened every night. There were loads of men involved.” Her voice cracks. “You couldn’t keep count.” It was like a conveyor belt, she recalls.A conveyor belt of men all expecting sex. She was only 14. Jane clearly remembers the sheer, terrifying numbers of men who would be brought to her bed at night.Jane has, to a certain extent, repaired her life – she has a job and her relationship with her parents remains strong. The long-term damage, however, is profound, and she suffers nightmares, flashbacks and depression.

As she puts it: “I was just this innocent little girl who went from playing with her dolls to having sex with lots of different men.” And unpalatable though it may be to confront, there are, even now, many other innocent little girls at risk of being forced into the same sickening transition

This is slavery at its worst and it is happening very rampantly around the world!!!!!!!


 Is political correctness stopping police ending the misery of the teenage sex slaves????
 Young girls are being forced into prostitution by Asian and Afro-Caribbean gang
5,000 under-age British girls have been groomed for prostitution by ruthless criminal gangs
It is a sinister and deeply uncomfortable scenario, not least because these crimes frequently have a racial element: in many of the identifiable cases, the pimps come from the Asian or Afro-Caribbean communities. 
The parents of some young victims claim the authorities are reluctant to tackle the issue for fear of upsetting race relations in areas with large ethnic minorities.
An eight-month investigation by the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama reveals evidence of a growing number of young girls being sexually abused and brutalised, pimped by gangs of criminals and recruited to a life of degradation and shame while barely into their teens
All are left irrevocably damaged by what they endure