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Vinkenzetting and Kabaddi



/ Klaas De Buysser


is a competitive animal sport in which male chaffinches are made to compete for the highest number of bird calls in an hour. Also called vinkenzetting (Dutch finch sitting), it is primarily active in the Dutch-speaking Flanders region of Belgium.

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In a contest, a row of small cages, each housing a single male finch, are lined up approximately six feet apart along a street.

A timekeeper begins and ends the contest with a red flag. Every time a bird sings a correct terminating flourish to their call—most often transcribed as susk-e-wiet—it is marked with a chalk stripe on a long wooden stick, and the bird singing its song the most times during one hour wins the contest.  



In Kabaddi, to prove he or she is not inhaling, the player must chant “KABADDI” throughout the raid.

The name, often chanted during a game, derives from a Hindi word, meaning “holding of breath”, which is a crucial aspect of play.

It is the national game of Bangladesh, and the state game of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra in India.