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Look at the black patch under the   U.S.
 Like many patriotic chains letters, this one claims to show you an image that the author contends the media will not – the presumed reason being that the traditionally “liberal, anti-military” media doesn’t want you to see soldiers in a positive light. But the real reason you won’t see this particular photo in the media is because it’s a fake.


This SHOULD be on the front cover of Time, Newsweek, etc.

But it won’t.

Let’s you and I “put it there” by forwarding this all around the world (so to speak)!

(The flags are France, Germany, and Russia)– in case you don’t know



The image above does not depict an American soldier proudly wearing insignia that suggests that he and his comrades are doing what other nations (specifically, France, Germany and Russia – the leaders of which were vocal opponents of the U.S. led operations in the Middle East that began in 2003. Some BreakTheChain.org viewers have commented that that any soldier who used his uniform to make such a brazen statement would likely face disciplinary action.

The photo above is a doctored image created by conservative marketing company, Registered Media, using a public relations photo published by the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR). According to the KFOR Web site, the image shows a “US KFOR soldier on patrol outside Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.” 

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 Comment: A reader of this blog made a comment correcting the validity of The Black Patch, thus this revised version.