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Long before computers humans have used the mirror as a gadget to upload their conciousness. It is mere vanity to think you can beat death…it’s natural and can be beautiful. See Aldous Huxley’s novel “Island”

Technological convergence will change our lives but won’t make them indenfinitely long

Across cultures,
classes, and aeons, people have yearned to transcend death.
Bear that history in mind as you consider the creed of
the singularitarians. Many of them fervently believe
that in the next several decades we’ll have computers
into which you’ll be able to upload your
consciousness—the mysterious thing that makes you you.
Then, with your consciousness able to go from mechanical
body to mechanical body, or virtual paradise to virtual
paradise, you’ll never need to face death, illness, bad
food, or poor cellphone reception.
Now you know why the singularity has also been called
the rapture of the geeks.
The singularity is supposed to begin shortly after
engineers build the first computer with
greater-than-human intelligence.