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Who is Sarah Palin?

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaks after being chosen the Republican ... I did not know who this woman is until she caught my attention on being nominated as the GOP VP. I watched as she spoke and was very impressed. She projected a rather hard to find no nonsense attitude and spoke with conviction.

First off, I must applaud Sen.John McCain for his courage in selecting an incredible woman as a VP. I am hoping that this will make many women proud, and I hope they can relate to her. Gov. Palin, will also make a difference among the young citizens because her achievements is a statement by itself, and the very statement that woman can achieve great things, against all odds is needed in our society today.

I am 100% sure that the Democratic party members will disect her to the core as if she is the one standing to become the next President of the United States of America. Ultimately, they will find something wrong with just about anything and everyting that doesn’t go their way.

Geraldine Ferraro was incredible and Senator Hilary Clinton was extraordinary, unfortuantely for them it was not meant to be. Maybe now is the right time to put an exceptional woman , in high power.

I was very impressed with how Gov. Sarah Palin came up in office. Come NOvember, it will be a very interesting and exciting election as both side have candidates that will be recorded in history as the first.

I shall make updates now and then…..

JUNEAU, Alaska – In two short years, Sarah Palin moved from small-town mayor with a taste for mooseburgers to the governor’s office and now — making history — to John McCain’s side as the first female running mate on a Republican presidential ticket…read full story here



Where Palin Made Her Name

By Nathan Thornburgh / Wasilla, Alaska