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 12 Monuments Dedicated to Amazing Women

From Joan of Arc to the working women of Amsterdam

Women of Kassope Zalongo Monument

In Zalongo, northwestern part of Greece, lies a grandiose monument dedicated to the Women of Kassope

The Five women Monument

on the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, The Famous Five or The Valiant Five statues

in the memory of the women’s rights movement in Canada in 1920s, because at that time women weren’t allowed to vote.

Queen Victoria Monument in Ottawa, Canada

Queen Victoria

monument was sculpted 40 years later by Louis-Philippe Hébert, from Quebec

Unknown women worker monument in Belfast

Unknown Woman Worker monument is located in Belfast, UK,

Joan of Arc Statue in Paris

emblematic figure in French history

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc)

vrouemonument south africa women monument

National Women’s Monument or the Vrouemonument from Bloemfontein, South Africa

dedicated to

27,000 martyr women who died during the Boer War

Block der Frauen monument (Rosenstrasse)


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old Jewish quarter of Berlin

Dulcinea del Toboso


Located in Madrid, Spain

Sybil Ludington - Hometown Heroin Monument

Sybil Ludington,

in Carmel, New York,

Molly Pitcher Monument

Molly Pitcher

in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

New York State Women Veterans Memorial

New York State Women Veterans Memorial

Madison Avenue

Belle Statue dedicated to Prostitutes in Amsterdam

Red Light District Statue in Amsterdam