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Do you know who I am?

By Gray

I served as a Military Intelligence Officer in Light Infantry units, and later as a Counter Intelligence Officer

I’m a vet. The Army has always done me right. Oh, there are some tough times and “This is so damned stupid!” moments, but in the end, they’ve done me right.

Through the death of my family, the Army cared for me. I will never forget the kindness of my officers and my fellow soldiers.

The only way I could repay it was to later support and care for a young soldier whose mom died.

The military is made of your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters, dads, moms, sons and daughters. Would they mistreat someone physically, emotionally, or mentally wounded?

Would your family? Would you?

This is for all the Joshua and Gray of the world. To all the veterans..God bless each one of you and God bless America.

I wish for people to share my story, Gray story, and all us vets stories in order to help vets.

Go to a Vet center or the VA hospital, and volunteer, we all need help from people that truly care.

Thank you to one and all who have read my story, thank god for any one that I have helped with my story, and thank god for people like Grays’.

From the Heart of a veteran

Joshua Poulsen

I pray lord today you help vets, and help americans unite in a common cause to provide one another with love and caring heart. To give us peace lord.