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How does human meat taste? Piers talks to two villagers who can answer that  question.

In his newest adventure, Gibbon looks at one of mankinds ultimate taboos: cannibalism. He’ll trek into the rain forest of Papua New Guinea to find tribe members who ate human flesh. Gibbon meets with members of the once-feared Biami tribe and witnesses their ritual techniques.


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Piers Gibbon and a village elder

How To Prepare and Cook a Human Body

They slaughtered a pig by shooting it ritually with arrows. I helped butcher the carcase with their wickedly sharp bamboo knives – when you need a new edge you just peel off a layer. When the body was nicely jointed up I helped cook it on the “mu mu” – their version of an earth oven or clambake. They told me that this was exactly how they would have cooked a human. You start a huge fire over a pile of rocks and this heats them up.

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